Protect your business from FX volatilily
predict cash flows and minimize risk

Doing business globally comes with a host of logistical and operational challenges that can be difficult to identify, much less navigate, even under ideal market conditions. The risks associated with FX exposure can easily be overlooked, but can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Protect your company against FX fluctuations with:

Forward Contracts

Minimize your exposure to volatile currency exchange rates and accurately project revenue and expenses.

Standing Orders

Take aim at the exchange rate you want and control the volume of funds converted when your targeted rate is reached.

FX Holding Accounts

Have a need to hold foreign funds due to future business requirements or market conditions not in your favor?

Our approach to building a risk management strategy for your business


  • Amount of foreigh currency
  • Length of exposure
  • Potential fluctuation


  • Cash flow sensitivity
  • Market view
  • Exposure certainty (volume / timeframe)


  • Seamlessly enter into new transactions with less risk


  • Greater cash flow
  • Stronger bottom line

Mitigate your FX risks

  • Understand your risk – Work with our dedicated experts to analyze your payments process to understand and quantify the risks associated with your FX exposure.
  • Put a plan into action Commonwealth FX will help you design and implement a risk management strategy to meet your business requirements and protect your profits.

Align your business strategy and create a targeted approach to reduce risks through our broad industry knowledge.

What are currency risk factors?

Foreign Currency Risks Exposure

A high percentage of companies do not have a strategic plan to identify and mitigate foreign currency risk in their global payments process and this exposure can have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.

Geopolitical and Economic Events

These events can make global financial market conditions volatile and create the need for a proactive and strategic approach to managing currency market risks.

Unpredictable Currency Swings

Daily swings of one or two percent in major currencies are common, while three to five percent moves on a monthly basis are likely. Market fluctuations in exotic and emerging market currencies are even higher. Your company can no longer expect to do business internationally and not see an FX risk to its profitability.



Learn more about why your company needs an up to date risk management strategy and how you can benefit from hedging tools.

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