Your business is growing. You need a partner to help manage your cash flow to make paying vendors, partners or employees around the world simple with efficient payment processes.
We take the time to understand your specific business needs to create a consistent, cost effective process for your international payments.
Flexible and Secure

Reduce errors and eliminate manual entry with our FLEX Solution giving you the ability to upload any file format securely

Gain Control

Manage your beneficiary information and configure a payment approval hierarchy tailored to your business.

Fast and Reliable

Minimize the need for intermediary banks, decreasing fees and ensuring payments are made on time and accurately.


Know your costs and avoid the hidden ones by sending local currency instead of USD.

Reduce Risk

We help you reduce risks and manage your cashflow amid volatile external markets.

Global Reach

Pay your vendors, partners or employess in over 115 currencies to over 120 countries.


Are you paying your international invoices in USD?

Consider sending local currency

Learn about the Greenback Premium, hidden costs, and the benefits of sending local currency.