Our incoming payments processing allows your business to strategically receive international payments to gain a competitive global advantage.  Let us help your senders get you your money easily and efficiently giving you peace of mind and the ability to reconcile funds.  Understand costs before converting incoming funds to US dollars, allowing you to mitigate losses due to currency fluctuations.

Why Price in Your Client’s Home Currency?

Pricing your goods and services in your client’s home currency can provide a competitive global advantage for your company:

  1. Compete with international and local firms by offering your buyers multiple payment options for a more competitive product offering.
  2. Expand your reach into markets where access to international banking options or costs can prohibit your clients and prospects from paying in USD.
  3. Receive foreign currency faster by having money sent to you using Commonwealth FX versus your bank.  We provide easy to use settlement instructions for your senders to follow.
  4. Take full control of the conversion process from foreign currency to USD. Unlike most banks, we’ll notify you of receipt of funds and provide the rate of exchange before the conversion or give you the option of holding funds (in select currencies) with our FX Holding Accounts for future use.
  5. Reduce the risk of currency swings of your foreign receivables. Know the exact dollar value of foreign receivables up to one year ahead of receiving funds with various hedging options.

Don’t let your incoming payments just arrive at your bank – take control of them.

Ease the process of incoming payments for you and those sending you money