Enhanced Secure File Transfer Capabilities

Commonwealth FX’s File Loading Exchange (FLEX) offers flexible and enhanced file upload capabilities and enables straight through processing (STP) of payments.  Your business no longer needs to maintain multiple file integration formats, make significant business process changes or rely on IT development to transfer and process your payment files effectively.


No manual data entry reduces errors and supports efficient and accurate uploading and processing.


With less file integration formats and reliance on IT development, you can process your payment files easily and effectively.

The FLEX process eliminates manual entry and reduces errors to improve accuracy and overall productivity – straight through processing.

Maintain control of payment process with flexible and customized transfer capabilities:

Multiple File Formats

Accept and process payment files from ERPs, accounting software and treasury management systems in a variety of file formats including SAP, Oracle, CSV and XML.

Fast and Accurate

Eliminate manual entries, reduce errors and improve productivity with STP.

Seamless Integration

Access FLEX via browser, client software, or server to server for seamless integration for files to be manually uploaded or file transfers to be fully automated.

One Convenient Format

Dynamically converts your payment files automatically into a single format for all payment types – wires, drafts, USD and foreign currencies.

Flexible Solutions

Your consolidated payment file is processed based on your current business procedures, including enhanced control procedures such as approval hierarchies and workflow.

Payment Monitoring

Your payments are monitored by your dedicated account team and delivered accurately and on time.

Custom Reporting

Receive custom reporting to upload transactional information into your systems to support reconciliation and potential payment inquiries.

Speak to an integration consultant about your file loading requirements