Send and receive international payments
with confidence using our global network

When businesses focus on just getting the best exchange rate and the lowest fees, they often overlook the time and money saved by having a more efficient payment process.

Outgoing Payments

Provide your business with streamlined methods for processing outgoing transactions. Deliver payments quickly and accurately to ensure your business credibility remains intact with your beneficiaries.

Incoming Payments

Easily receive international payments without the hassle of overseas accounts. Gain control of your incoming payments for effective reconciliation and convert funds on your terms.

Have you assessed your payments process lately?

Improve your bottom line by:

Assessing the health of your payment process

Optimizing your cash flow and sending payments intelligently

Developing a plan to reduce risk in doing business internationally

Avoid payment errors

Eliminate manual entry, improve accuracy, and overall productivity of your payments process with Commonwealth’s FLEX – flexible and enhanced file upload capabilities.

Partner with professionals

When you partner with Commonwealth FX, you access trusted experts and fast, cost-effective payment solutions.  We help organizations of any size and in any industry achieve a healthier bottom line.

Available currencies

Expand your global reach to over 120 countries and territories in 115+ currencies.

Time to assess the health of your international payments process