Commonwealth FX’s track record is grounded in our outstanding ability to provide superior service and solutions that align with your business processes to enable better financial management of global payments and foreign exchange.

Our client services approach


  • Your ongoing business strategy and priorities
  • Current management of your payments process


  • Market movements that could impact your business decisions
  • International payments & risk management strategies

IDENTIFY opportunities to:

  • improve business processes
  • drive cost efficiencies
  • reduce FX risks
  • increase your cash flow

Dedicated Account Manager

You will receive personalized support from a dedicated account manager who understands your business and its payment needs, as well as support from the entire team at Commonwealth FX.

Your account manager is easily accessible to answer questions, provide valuable strategies, and assist you in optimizing your payment process from start to finish.

This helps to:

  1. Minimize the time you spend dealing with your international payments.
  2. Increase the accuracy of your transactions through enhanced verification processes.
  3. Know with certainty the exchange rates and fees upfront when sending local currency.
  4. Respond to changing market conditions with market insight.
  5. Increase the overall cost effectiveness of your payments process and reduce risk caused by currency fluctuations.
  6. Spend more time on your core business.

Risk Management Tools

Commonwealth FX helps you identify and address your company’s exposure to foreign currency risk and develop a plan designed to meet your company’s needs. No currency transaction is without risk, but we can help you minimize it for your business.

Our experts work closely with your treasury or accounting staff to analyze your payments process, understand and quantify the risks associated with your current payment system is the first step toward a more proactive and strategic global payments process.

Our goal is to help you create the most efficient foreign exchange risk management strategy for your organization.

Trust us with your funds

Commonwealth FX has a reputation for keeping your money safe and upholds ethical business practices and all regulatory standards where we are licensed. Learn more about our commitment to compliance.

Make your payments online 

Access our convenient and secure online platform to process your international payments. Manage beneficiaries and view payment status and history across your devices.

Partner with a payments specialist dedicated to helping your business