Timely and cost-effective outgoing payments in emerging markets

Our technology clients commonly utilize our large volume payment solutions for payroll, distribution and operating expenses. They also value our expertise in emerging market currencies for outgoing payments.


Alice, a software developer, was regularly submitting payroll for her back office teams located in Bulgaria, Lithuania, and the Philippines. Her employees abroad preferred payment in their local currency, which she was happy to accommodate.

After working with multiple foreign currency exchange providers, Alice was frustrated. She had experienced lost wires, poor rates, and the complete inability to forecast her costs based on changing foreign currency conversion rates.


With experience in sending payments to emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Commonwealth FX created a long-term plan for Alice to accurately forecast her costs for future currency payments.


We were able to ensure that her payroll was delivered to her employees in the most efficient, cost-effective manner available.

Outgoing Payments

Provide your business with streamlined methods for processing outgoing transactions. Deliver payments quickly and accurately to ensure your business credibility remains intact with your beneficiaries.

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Regardless of your size or industry, your business can reduce costs and save time by simplifying your international payment processes

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